Mission and Guiding Principles

The mission and guiding principles that guide the action of Universidade de Caxias do Sul in its different fields of activity result from a broad participatory process involving all the academic community beaconing the action plans of the institution for the next ten years, thus ensuring its own and unique identity.




To be essential to the sustainable development in terms of knowledge.


To produce, systematize and socialize knowledge with quality and relevance to sustainable development.


Respect for People
People will always be valued and respected as individuals and citizens.

Social Responsibility
The common asset will be the criterion guiding the actions of the University.

Institutional Eligibility
UCS will seek a permanent qualification of its staff, structure; organizational processes as well programs and actions.

Prevalence of Institutional Interest
The institutional interests should superimpose the individual ones, ensuring the coexistence in diversity.

The quest for scientific innovation, technological and cultural cooperation should guide the actions of the institution.

Local and Global Inclusion
The University will seek a simultaneous participation in the local, regional, national and international plans.

Democratic Management
The University will promote the democratic experience by seeking the participation of the academic community in the planning and management processes.

Commitment to the Environment
The University should promote and take part in actions that contribute to sustainable development with the ultimate goal of preserving life.

The University will preserve the necessary educational and scientific, administrative, disciplinary and financial and asset management autonomy to ensure the fulfillment of its mission.

The University will seek economic, social and environmental sustainability through an efficient and effective management.

Universidade de Caxias do Sul
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